Why did I invent iCurlers ?
Because girls love curls!… and boys love curly girls!

Unimaginative product designs to date made for unsightly rollers which make women look less than stunningly gorgeous while wearing those big ugly unbecoming horrors.

So much so that women often hesitate to put them in, because that kind of curlers will make them feel self-conscious and, as a consequence, less confident.

To solve this problem, we thought hard and came up with an idea to hide those unsightly rollers behind hair and 'inside' rolls of hair, making them effectively invisible. When a roller is in use it is completely hidden from view by hair and thereby invisible.

It took almost two years to develop this new hair styling solution from idea to tested product. The first prototype of these invisible hair rollers iCurlers had no less than eleven(!) moving parts for retractable 'legs' to replace pins. In tests, the retractable legs idea did not work that well and was abandoned in favor of other approaches.

Many prototypes and tests later, my team and I finally simplified the original prototype down to having only two parts: a pin and a roller with a patented shape design, ergonomically optimized to provide space for your hair to roll around your iCurlers in such a way that the hair now helps to hold your iCurlers in place.

iCurlers feature a smart new way to lock themselves in place by means of removable pins. The purpose-shaped pins prevent hair locks from unrolling.

The end result are the iCurlers invisible rollers which not only give women their lovely curls, but which also — and most importantly — make them look like the stunning goddesses they are while wearing them.

iCurlers have been designed as a DIY tool for you to style your hair at home. They can naturally also easily be used by hair salons to reduce the time needed to create complex hairdos as well as inventing eye-catching new and unusual curlydos.

The iCurlers innovation will enable you to create your own heatless curls and curling hair styles — a.k.a. 'curlydos' — in mere minutes.

Throw away your ugly old hair rollers. Get curly while looking pretty with iCurlers curlydos!