The video above shows how to apply iCurlers to your hair. It is the same as using regular hair rollers except that an iCurler has a removable pin which is inserted into and through the roller BEFORE using it. As the animation shows, after rolling a lock around an iCurler, you lock it in place and make the roller and its pin invisible by pushing in the pin as shown.


We invented a number of 'curlydos' (curling hairdos) and are coming up with new ones all the time. We will be uploading step by step tutorials for new ones regularly. (If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be notified whenever new curlydo tutorials have been published on our site.)

As iCurlers are really easy to use, there's almost no 'learning curve' to speak of. Below please find images of the initial set of curlydos for which we will publish step-by-step tutorials soon.

Curl forming hairdos with invisible hair rollers iCurlers


Welcome to the very first step-by-step tutorial for an iCurlers curlydo! Together with the video above it will also help you understand how the iCurlers invisible hair rollers work. So, without further ado, let's get to it:

In this curlydo, we are only going to use a single iCurler. Before rolling, make sure that the (removable) pre-inserted pin sticks out roughly the same amount from either side of the iCurler as shown in the video.

Once you rolled your hair around the iCurler, you want to push the pin into your hair in the general direction of the roots of the hairlock you just rolled. Done!

Note that if you repeat these easy steps several times with more iCurlers and moving systematically from the front of your head to the back, you will create a curling updo in around 3 minutes, with the end result looking like this. If you want a half-updo, putting in only 2 or 3 iCurlers will suffice.

When, after a few hours, your curls are set, simply pull the pin completely out of the iCurler and the iCurler will simply slide or drop away from your hair lock as your roll of hair unwinds.